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Today, I finally found some time to build my LCD2USB hardware project.

The goal was to connect a HD44780 based text LCD display to my fli4l router. Therefore it was necessary to solder the required parts to the lcd2usb PCB first, then to connect it to my router and finally update and configure the router.

After some time f hard work, I finally succeded and was able to successfully test my finished lcd2usb project 🙂

Some pictures of the result:

LCD2USB connected to my fli4l router - front view

LCD2USB connected to my fli4l router - front view

LCD2USB connected to my fli4l router - top view

LCD2USB connected to my fli4l router - top view

Todo List

  • Find a solution to mount the lcd to the router, or at leat near to the router.
  • Build the 2nd LCD2USB, which will be used for my eisXen Server.

Part list

You can get all parts directly via the lcd2usb part list at Reichelt. This list is for the V1.1 pcb and includes the following parts:

Part Qty Name Reichelt Part No.
Q1 1 12Mhz crystal, HC49U package 12,0000-HC49U-S
R1 1 2.2k ohm resistor 1/4W 2,2k
R2, R3 2 68 ohm resistor 1/4W 68
R4 1 47 ohm resistor 1/4W 47
R5 1 220 ohm resistor 1/4W 220
R6 1 4.7k ohm resistor 1/4W 4,7k
C1, C2 2 22pF ceramic capacitor, 2.54mm KERKO 22P
C3, C5 2 100nF capacitor, 5.08mm X7R-5 100N
C6, C7 2 10?F electrolytic capacitor RAD 10/35
T1 1 BC547C transistor BC 547C
L1 1 10?H inductor SMCC 10?
S1, S2 2 push button TASTER 9305
SV1 1 10 pin ISP connector WSL 10G
JP1 1 display connector BL 1X20G 2,54
JP2, JP6 1 display connector BL 2X10G 2,54
1 display side connector for JP2/JP6 SL 2X10G 2,54
JP3 1 4 pin debug connector, display side connector for JP1 SL 1X36G 2,54
LED1 1 LED 3mm green LED 3MM GN
1 USB-B print connector USB BW
IC1 1 Atmega8-16 DIP ATMEGA 8-16 DIP
1 socket for IC1 GS 28P-S
D1, D2 2 3.6V zener diode ZF 3,6

Additional Parts

1x LCD 204B BL – LCD Dot-Matrix-Modul, 4×20
1x USB Cable

Fli4l Configuration

To be able to use the lcd with my fli4l router I had to install the opt package “lcd4linux“. After installing this opt package, the only thing left was to configure this opt, which is quite simple:

My actual (test) configuration for the lcd4linux package:

LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_1='Row1.Col1  :Info:'
LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_2='Row2.Col1  :Heart:'
LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_3='Row2.Col2  :Busy:'
LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_4='Row2.Col11 :BusyBar:'
LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_5='Row3.Col1  :ImonDSLQuantity_In:'
LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_6='Row3.Col12 :ImonDSLQuantity_Out:'
LCD4LINUX_LAYOUT_7='Row4.Col1  :ImonDSLRate_Bar:'

About schlotze

Here should be a description about myself, but as you maybe know there are always some blackholes, which are never created or updated. So let’s see, if I’m able to update this page someday…

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