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sebastian scholze

New versions of apache2 and apache2_php5 packages for eisfair

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Today I released new versions of the apache2 (version 1.44) and apache2_php5 (version 1.4.2) packages for eisfair-1/2. Both packages are available at

The following changes were integrated into the apache2 package:

1.4.4 2010-08-08
– updated core to httpd 2.2.16
– disable mod_dav when it is not used
– add additional authentication type: Basic (default) and Digest
– add mod_cache switch to vhost group
– add logfile view (eisfair-2)
– include ssl logs into logrotate

The following changes were integrated into the apache_php5 package:

apache2_php5 1.4.2 2010-08-08
– updated core to 5.2.14
– recompiled php5 against new libmysql and libpq
(security update)
– applied hardening patch (security patches)
– added suhosin extension (security extension)

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